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Guest Area: Fixes for Common Computer Problems & System Enhancement

Saus Systems offers files and links to patches, updates and programs for Customers and Guests which can be downloaded here. At Saus Systems this section is reviewed and updated regularly as it is a primary client "self help" resource.

A few little blurbs RE things I think everyone should have (other than securty patches and useful updates).

The ever popular Microsoft's recent version of Office 2007 is causing havac with users of older versions of Microsoft. If a colleague sends you a 2007 file you can't open it. While maybe pushing some people to buy 2007 MS needed to release a "fix" - a file conversion tool that you can download and install so can you open and read the newer ".docx" format of the modern Office 2007 Word, Excel and Powerpoint.


Having problems sharing network resources between Vista and XP operationg systems? This XP patch from Microsoft should help out... network patch when the Vista network map does not show systems running XP.

PROBLEMS with ITUNES and Windows Vista: Below is a fix for a known Vista with ITunes issue.

resolve an issue where an Apple iPod may be corrupted by using the Safely Remove Hardware feature; You can lose your ITunes data using the eject commands while connected via USB. Patch things up with the ITunes and Hardware Eject Fix .

Online Backup Solutions IDrive Online Backup Solutions Free for Two Gigs or Less - Redundant Backup solutions are always a good idea (if your data matters to you). We suggest both Near-line (external drive) AND an Off-site site backup solution.

FAVORITE FREE DOWNLOADS (no spyware) : Below are links to "must have" applications!

AVG Anti-Virus Download AVG Anti-Virus Personal This anti-virus, free for personal use is top notch for XP.

Avast Anti-Virus Download Avast Home Anti-Virus A great personal use anti-virus - prefered for Vista.

Ad-Aware Download Ad-Aware Free personal use adware removal tool - better for self managed users.

Spybot Search & Destroy Download Spybot Search & Destroy Powerful but check flagged items if unsure!

Syncback - Download Syncback a freel local backup program you can use with a nearline / external backup drive.

Doro PDF Printer Download Doro PDF Printer This creates a file that Adobe Acrobat can read!

Favorite Screen Shot Program Download Screenhunter Take pictures of ANYTHING on your computer.

Zappit System Cleaner Download Zappit System Cleaner Cleans up all of your Computer junk - A Computer Tune-up tool.

Educational WS_FTP Lite download ws_ftp a simple FTP program - for educational use only!

Thoughts, and on-going recommendations regarding security issues... We have some questions!

Got a Firewall?
R U Up to date?
Reliable Backups?
Current Virus/Adware Protection?
R U Wireless?
Any Security Holes?
Monitoring Systems?
Do U have Business Continuity& Disaster Recovery Plans in Place?

Do U have a Systems Security Audit Process?

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Why would I need SEO?

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